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Oct 1 2010

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram is designed to purify both the magician and his or her immediate area. It is most often used as a precursor to magical work, sometimes used as a meditation and can be pressed into service as an exorcism though in my humble opinion it lacks the power of traditional religious exorcism. However, since many magicians will know this rite (or will want to learn it at some point) and since it needs no special equipment or supplies, the LBRP has become one of the most popular banishing rituals in modern occultism. Every magician knows it and can pretty much do it at the spur of the moment.

Originally created by The Golden Dawn the rite has, through that process of occult osmosis many practitioners are familiar with, been passed along to many different traditions. Interestingly, despite the overt Judeo-Christian symbolism traditionalist Wiccans have been known to use it. There are variations which replace the Christian and Jewish references with pagan ones for the more xenophobic practitioners who dare not “pollute” themselves which such things but I have known dozens of pagans who have used the ritual as is and have not been struck down by the gods. Continue reading

Oct 1 2010

A Quick Banishment of Evil or Disease Using Vinegar

I have received several requests for exorcisms, banishments and general protection spells from spirits of various types. For minor inconveniences, which all who practice will run into from time to time, no elaborate ritual may be needed but simple fumigations are enough to dispel the type astral entities that are attracted to magical practice and tend to linger in places where magic has been performed.

As related in Kathryn Paulsen’s The Complete Book of Magic and Witchcraft one such fumigation allegedly practiced by the Chinese was to burn vinegar in red hot cast iron pots. This was thought to banish both evil spirits and diseases, and also increase wealth.

One need not be a chef to imagine what happens when a liquid is poured into red hot cast iron, and I assume the violent reaction would quickly fill a home with the vapor, which is the point. Vinegar left out in a dish is said to interfere with the materialization of psychic energy and is sometimes recommended in cases of poltergeist haunting. The complete fumigation of an area with vinegar vapors, while certainly not pleasant for people within, would assuredly overwhelm any non-physical entities and drive them from the premises or at least weaken them to such a degree that they would be essentially harmless.

I believe this measure would be a temporary solution the problem. But if you are experiencing problems with spirits it should “hold the line” while you seek out a more permanent solution.

As to why vinegar has this effect on spirits … I don’t know, but even Islamic exorcism utilize vinegar so this isn’t a belief that comes only from one group. Vinegar is mentioned in chapbooks like The Long Lost Friend and Egyptian Secrets so we can assume many people have found the substance to be effective for a variety of occult purposes.