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Jul 22 2011

Kenneth Grant’s Outer Gateways

Kenneth Grant’s controversial work continues to influence many occultists even while others claim grant was a fraud. Whatever the truth Grant’s works are notoriously hard to find and expensive when you do find the. The Connecticut library system actually does have several floating around – or did 10 years ago when I had them ordered from a small town branch miles from the college town I was in.

Outer Gateways is one of his more interesting works. A kind of Lovecraftian, neo-realism is presented her that touches on the fictional Cthulhu’s relationship with Crowley’s Liber 418, the Necronomicon as metaphor for The Primal Grimiore and the theory that UFOs are actually magical entities seeking contact with us. That’s just the first chapter.

Your best bet is to try to find it in a library unless you can afford paying more than $100 for a used book but here’s 177 of the 272 pages available for free. It’s a fun read and packed with enough information to keep you busy even if you can’t read the whole thing:

Kenneth Grant – Outer Gateways

Jul 22 2011

Franz Bardon’s Practice of Magical Evocation

Bardon’s works are modern classics of Hermeticism that everyone should familiarize themselves with. His book The Practice of Magical Evocation is especially useful for any who are serious about ceremonial magic or just the theory behind crafting magical rituals. For something this intellectually dense I prefer a hard copy but as of now there is a complete copy up on Scribd. How long it’ll be up is anyone’s guess:

Franz Bardon – The Practice of Magickal Evocation

Jul 18 2011

A Charm to Prevent a Gun from Firing While Looking Down the Barrel

This is a quick spell from the Albertus Magnus (sometimes called the Egyptian Secrets) which is supposed to keep a gun being pointed at you from firing. This is obviously of interest to those of us who spend time in rougher areas. A quick caveat – this spell is from a time when firearms were extremely complex mechanisms that relied on two explosions to work. Flintlocks are notoriously fickle and today’s modern flintlock enthusiast will tell you that the gun firing seven out of every ten trigger pulls is considered a rousing success. The modern gun found is much better.

So if the spell is meant to literally effect the working of the gun this is obviously not a spell for beginners and I should hope no one has the opportunity to practice this enough to get really good. I myself believe that the spell is meant to confuse and confound the trigger man and not directly effect the gun at all. As such the following should be spoken with confidence, projected like a stage actor and you should be focusing on stunning the assailant.

Say these words when faced with a gun:

Sax Pax Sarax

The nonsensical words and their pattern makes me think this is some sort of attempted quick hypnosis. Hopefully you’ll never have to prove me right or wrong.

Jul 18 2011

A Charm Against Being Bewtiched

This charm comes from the controversial supposed galdrabok The Black Books of Elverum edited by Mary Rustad. Frankly the issue of authenticity is always muddled on these things. Even if a grimiore is forged they are often forged using spells and recipes that have been passed down from legitimate sources. This charm follows a common formula and someone tells me they have used it effectively … against some angry Internet Wiccan so take that for what it’s worth. I find the charm interesting:

Write on a piece of paper the following words:

“Porto Hamasias F Emanuel F dorenus”

Carry this with you, always.

I’ve used similar formula but never this particular charm. Anyone else that has used it successfully please let me know.

Jul 18 2011

Old Folk Cure for Vomiting and Diarrhea

Here’s a recipe for a folk remedy for vomiting and diarrhea that comes from Hohman’s Long Lost Friend, which is an essential book for healers, “kitchen witches” and other people interested in old time medicine.

Take pulverized cloves and eat them together with bread soaked in red wine, and you will soon find relief. The cloves may be put upon the bread.

Probatim. Though a little white rice is much more effective for diarrhea.