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A.E. Waite’s Book of Black Magic and Pacts

Arthur Edward Waite was a mystic writer from the early 20th century who was a big part of the Golden Age of occultism. Waite, as it is claimed by some, was biased against occultism though he was deeply involved in magical groups. His preference ran toward more mystical experience of the mysteries and his writings on ceremonial magic often reflect that bias, but he was also a first rate and conscientious scholar so his perspective is unusual and often refreshing.

Thus his Book of Black Magic (also know as Book of Ceremonial Magic and The Book of Spells and Rituals) straddles the academic and the mystical in presenting portions and reviews of some of the most popular grimoires that have been circulating the occult community for centuries. This book translates some hard to find material and is a great reference book for the Ceremonialist that lays out the facts about the material you’ll be immersed in. A must read if you plan on following the Ceremonial Magician’s path:

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