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A Quick and Dirty (and Smelly) Exorcism for Your Home

From Donna Rose’s hard to find The Magic of Spells and Curses. My version is a 1984 edition from Mi-World Publishing and is simply a cheaply made pamphlet which cost all of $4.50 which I purchased from Magickal Childe when that Mecca of metaphysics was still open. This was probably in the late 80s or early 90s.

The cheap exterior hid a real gem however, a grimoire of Hoodoo(ish) spells and charms for almost every occasion. Rose’s little pamphlet has consistently outperformed most other so-called grimoires in my experience, and if you can grab a copy do so. You can risk buying one on the Amazon marketplace but first try any local Botanicas or metaphysical shops. The latter won’t carry it unless the owners are truly “old school” but the former will usually have one if they cater to English speakers.

This spell is quick and not so easy as it involves burning sulfur, then getting your hands on wolfsbane and mandrake. All are surprisingly easy to find, especially in the Internet age but can be expensive so if you find a good deal stock up. It also involves rosemary, which can be so easily grown and harvested I’m unsure why anyone would need to buy it, but good quality (and overpriced) rosemary can be found in the spice aisle of every grocery store. I grow a drought tolerant variety of Rosemary known as Gold Dust which survives even the un-greenest of thumbs.

The spell calls for sulfur candles which, also surprisingly, are not that hard to find but the regular sulfur you get from science supply houses burned in an incense dish works as well, and will have the added benefit of killing pests in your house as it is not only fungicidal but known to kill mites and ticks. Do not stay in the house while burning large amounts of sulfur.

Wolfsbane is poisonous, as is mandrake. Please be careful with them. I’ve always been under the impression that Wolfsbane and Monkshood were basically the same plant, but some say they are in the same family but are actually different plants. I’m no expert so I’ll just say I am fairly certain Wolfsbane blooms in the mid summer.

Needless to say, this process will be extremely unpleasant to the senses so it should be something you only pull out in emergencies.

To Exorcise Your Home

One of the strongest methods of clearing out the home is to burn sulfur candles in each room. (Please – the fumes from sulfur are often irritating, and in concentration, can be injurious). This will remove any evil spirits or any negativity which may have been implanted in your home by your enemies

In addition to this, a mixture of Rosemary, Wolfsbane and Mandrake scattered around the house will keep it clean and will allow no negative forces to penetrate again. This should be reinforced on a monthly basis.

This is a good spell for those who lack the confidence to do a proper banishing, as it relies on the materials itself and their ability to dissipate negative manifestations and not the will of the magician.

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