Spell and Ritual is a resource for those wishing to become more proficient in the myriad forms of magical practice that are sometimes known in general as the occult. It is also a resource for the anthropologists, historians, or social scientists who need access to firsthand information on sub-cultures and individuals who traffic in occultism. We will republish hard to find works including grimoires, original content provided by practitioners of various traditions and links to information helpful to the budding young kitchen Witch, aspiring Ceremonialist  and experienced Exorcist alike.

Spell and Ritual does not endorse any particular religion. We will not be discussing the relative truth of any philosophical or religious position and our republication of information should not be considered an endorsement of all the views of the author of a particular piece. All are welcome no matter their tradition and we only ask that visitors respect the beliefs of others and keep conversation focused on the technical aspects of magical practice.

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