“Atharva Veda” Charm to Arouse the Passionate Love of a Woman

This incantation comes to us from the easily overlooked but excellent Katheryn Paulsen book The Complete Book of Magic and Witchcraft. Paulsen’s little tome was first published in 1970 and I have a 1980s reprint that has been part of my essentials since the early 80s.

The book is a perfect beginner’s grimiore and is packed with spells from may different traditions. Because of this concentration on traditional witchcraft and sorcery as opposed to the then burgeoning religion on Wicca Paulsen is a very much maligned figure but this book is invaluable to the true practitioner.

According to Paulsen this particular incantation comes from the 1897 Oxford translation of the Atharva Veda in Sacred Books of the East, volume 47. A good college library will have a copy if you’re interested. I assume that there is a longer religious ritual that would accompany the following incantation but I’ve heard the incantation itself – along with proper technique – is effective. I recommend repeating it several times while concentration on the object of your desire for a number of day until results are seen.

As an aside, love spells are Black Magic and don’t let anyone tell you differently. You’re enforcing your will on another. Like attracts like and all that.

Here’s the incantation:

May the disquieter disquiet thee; Do not hold out upon thy bed! With the terrible arrow of Kama (love) do I pierce thee in the heart.

The arrow, winged with longing, barbed with love, whose shaft is undeviating desire, with that, well aimed, Kama shall pierce thee in the heart.

With that well aimed arrow of Kama which parches the spleen, whose plume flies forward, which burns up, do I pierce thee in the heart.

Consumed by burning ardor, with parched mouth, do thou come to me, pliant, pride laid aside, mine alone, speaking sweetly, to be devoted!

I drive thee with a goad from thy mother and thy father, so that thou shall be in my power, shalt come up to my wish.

All their thoughts do ye, O Mitra and Varuna, drive out of her. Having deprived her of her will, put her in my power alone.

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