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Avoid “Bible Spells” by Noted Charlatans William Oribello and Tim Swartz

I’ve gotten several messages from someone eager to have me opine about a poorly written and researched screed called Bible Spells: Obtain Obtain Your Every Desire By Activating The Secret Meaning of Hundreds of Biblical Verses. No really, that’s an actual title.

My opinion on this lazy, ignorant loaf of pinched off New Agisms is that it serves as an excellent indictment of the modern New Age movement and the charlatans who populate it. It should be noted that the book can be had on kindle for $10 (which is overpriced by $9.99) yet whoever is peddling this drivel on Amazon has gone back to the oldest web scam in the book in offered a “hardcover” version for $1000. This is a rudimentary trick amateur con artists use to make things that are worthless seem valuable which is especially prevalent on Amazon.

It is of course available for viewing at Scribd:

William Alexander Oribello … by Jedrich Zafiro Dela Cruz on Scribd

Even a cursory viewing will reveal to the reader how shallow and worthless this scam masquerading as a tome is. It combines New Age bunk with an egregious misstating of both Christian theology and occult dogma into a barely readable morass of half-truths and childishness. It would be interesting to note the amount of Christian bashing this person selling esoteric Christianity engages in if that bashing wasn’t the same sheepish bleating anyone with a political ax to grind against the so-called religious right makes every day. It is interesting to note that the secrets revealed within are simply ripped off from the works of Anna Riva, the doctrine of Christians Science and the practice of Hoodoo. For their part the authors do manage to water down their unnamed or barely credited sources to such a degree that only those familiar with the sources will be able to discern the stock from which this tasteless broth was made.

Avoid this nonsense. Frankly if you’re a Christian who is a practitioner you will not need some hack who thinks there’s a link between the “magicians of Atlantis” and the New Testament you hold in your hands to tell you that Psalms and other Christian rituals are in effect “spells” and non-practitioners will just be offended to find their religious devotions lumped into Witchcraft. Also asking me to review some book you like does not guarantee you’ll get a review you like.

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