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Apr 1 2012

Liber Null and Psychonaut

I may have posted this audio fragment of Peter J. Carroll’s Liber Null and Psychonaut before but my next post will be a longer essay dealing with a question sent to me about the Lovecraft Mythos and it’s use in magical work so this is a excellent prologue to that. It serves as an introduction to the underlying philosophical symmetry between Lovecraft’s universe and the chaos magic world view, though it does not deal with Lovecraft in particular. Once you understand Lovecraft’s rational materialism and the mythos as the horror of discovering man’s insignificance and meaninglessness in reality the following becomes illuminating:

Part II:

Part III:

Jan 8 2012

Digital Scans of John Dee’s Enochian Manuscripts

Those interested in Enochian magic have often had to wade through books of dubious scholarship. Because the books were in (now archaic) English, Latin and some passages were written in the “Angelic” language Dee communed with the spirits in hack authors were attracted to the material because few would be able to critique their shoddy work. Viewing the originals was of course out of the question for most people.

I do not practice any sort of Enochian rituals and frankly have not met anyone who seriously pursued this practice so I can make no endorsements of any particular authors or translations. I have heard good things about Joseph Peterson’s John Dee’s Five Books of Mystery but the book is fairly expensive even in it’s Kindle edition which runs almost $40.

If you’re Latin and “Celestial Speech” is good enough some of Dee’s original writings are available to be viewed online courtesy of The Magickal Review. The serious student will enjoy pouring over these scans trying to make heads or tails of them. The average practitioner these days will shoot off some poorly worded emails demanding someone re-write the entire collection in text-speak, I’m sure.

h/t Grimoires

Dec 5 2011

How to Make and Use a Magic Mirror

Were I to make a “magic mirror” I would use Donald Tyson’s excellent manual How to Make and Use a Magic Mirror as instruction. Of course, I actually have an old copy but people tell me they’re rather hard to find and quite pricey. I picked up a paper back in the 90s for around $7. Now on Amazon I see copies going for $30 and up.

Fortunately for you and sadly for them the YouTube set has never heard the saying T Know, To Dare, To Will, To Keep Silent. Thus you can find some good places to start – but be warned most Internet practitioners are sloppy to say the least. I advise using videos like the following as a starting off point but doing more research before trying this potentially dangerous experiment.

The following from “Cyberscribe” is one of the better videos, though his caviler attitude toward evocations and summonings is disturbing. The mirror doesn’t provide you with the protection he seems to think if you’re dealing with demonic or “evil” spirits but he does at least take the precautions necessary for this sort of operation. He also goes into the theory which is important to understand.

Dec 4 2011

The Wickedest Man in the World: A Short Documentary on Aleister Crowley

I have known several Thelemites (or Crowleyites as I call them) over the years and can tell you they’re much less exciting and sinister than you would think; though many are more pompous than you can imagine. Obviously I’ve met many more Wiccans, Pagans, “practitioners” etc who all had some strong feelings about Crowley and his work but knew very little about the man or his writings.

I often recommend people who want to understand Crowley through his own words read The Book of Lies and his novel Dairy of a Drug Fiend. But if you’re in the mood for some more sensational fare this short documentary encapsulates much of who Crowley was as opposed to the prophet like image his fans present. This is, at least, a good place to start any criticism of Crowley rather than relying on what you read on a Wiccan forum. Some things you’ll learn is how careless Crowley was with summoning spirits and how evil Crowley actually was. Pay particular attention to the mountain climbing incident,his treatment of his wife/medium Rose and his drug fueled sex cult.

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Jul 22 2011

Kenneth Grant’s Outer Gateways

Kenneth Grant’s controversial work continues to influence many occultists even while others claim grant was a fraud. Whatever the truth Grant’s works are notoriously hard to find and expensive when you do find the. The Connecticut library system actually does have several floating around – or did 10 years ago when I had them ordered from a small town branch miles from the college town I was in.

Outer Gateways is one of his more interesting works. A kind of Lovecraftian, neo-realism is presented her that touches on the fictional Cthulhu’s relationship with Crowley’s Liber 418, the Necronomicon as metaphor for The Primal Grimiore and the theory that UFOs are actually magical entities seeking contact with us. That’s just the first chapter.

Your best bet is to try to find it in a library unless you can afford paying more than $100 for a used book but here’s 177 of the 272 pages available for free. It’s a fun read and packed with enough information to keep you busy even if you can’t read the whole thing:

Kenneth Grant – Outer Gateways

Jul 22 2011

Franz Bardon’s Practice of Magical Evocation

Bardon’s works are modern classics of Hermeticism that everyone should familiarize themselves with. His book The Practice of Magical Evocation is especially useful for any who are serious about ceremonial magic or just the theory behind crafting magical rituals. For something this intellectually dense I prefer a hard copy but as of now there is a complete copy up on Scribd. How long it’ll be up is anyone’s guess:

Franz Bardon – The Practice of Magickal Evocation