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Jan 3 2012

“Atharva Veda” Charm to Arouse the Passionate Love of a Woman

This incantation comes to us from the easily overlooked but excellent Katheryn Paulsen book The Complete Book of Magic and Witchcraft. Paulsen’s little tome was first published in 1970 and I have a 1980s reprint that has been part of my essentials since the early 80s.

The book is a perfect beginner’s grimiore and is packed with spells from may different traditions. Because of this concentration on traditional witchcraft and sorcery as opposed to the then burgeoning religion on Wicca Paulsen is a very much maligned figure but this book is invaluable to the true practitioner.

According to Paulsen this particular incantation comes from the 1897 Oxford translation of the Atharva Veda in Sacred Books of the East, volume 47. A good college library will have a copy if you’re interested. I assume that there is a longer religious ritual that would accompany the following incantation but I’ve heard the incantation itself – along with proper technique – is effective. I recommend repeating it several times while concentration on the object of your desire for a number of day until results are seen.

As an aside, love spells are Black Magic and don’t let anyone tell you differently. You’re enforcing your will on another. Like attracts like and all that.

Here’s the incantation:

May the disquieter disquiet thee; Do not hold out upon thy bed! With the terrible arrow of Kama (love) do I pierce thee in the heart.

The arrow, winged with longing, barbed with love, whose shaft is undeviating desire, with that, well aimed, Kama shall pierce thee in the heart.

With that well aimed arrow of Kama which parches the spleen, whose plume flies forward, which burns up, do I pierce thee in the heart.

Consumed by burning ardor, with parched mouth, do thou come to me, pliant, pride laid aside, mine alone, speaking sweetly, to be devoted!

I drive thee with a goad from thy mother and thy father, so that thou shall be in my power, shalt come up to my wish.

All their thoughts do ye, O Mitra and Varuna, drive out of her. Having deprived her of her will, put her in my power alone.



Jul 18 2011

A Charm to Prevent a Gun from Firing While Looking Down the Barrel

This is a quick spell from the Albertus Magnus (sometimes called the Egyptian Secrets) which is supposed to keep a gun being pointed at you from firing. This is obviously of interest to those of us who spend time in rougher areas. A quick caveat – this spell is from a time when firearms were extremely complex mechanisms that relied on two explosions to work. Flintlocks are notoriously fickle and today’s modern flintlock enthusiast will tell you that the gun firing seven out of every ten trigger pulls is considered a rousing success. The modern gun found is much better.

So if the spell is meant to literally effect the working of the gun this is obviously not a spell for beginners and I should hope no one has the opportunity to practice this enough to get really good. I myself believe that the spell is meant to confuse and confound the trigger man and not directly effect the gun at all. As such the following should be spoken with confidence, projected like a stage actor and you should be focusing on stunning the assailant.

Say these words when faced with a gun:

Sax Pax Sarax

The nonsensical words and their pattern makes me think this is some sort of attempted quick hypnosis. Hopefully you’ll never have to prove me right or wrong.

Nov 7 2010

Akkadian Exorcism for Sickness Induced by Magick

This exorcism is a translation of an ancient Akkadian incantations translated by scholars in the late 19 and early 20th centuries. It is believed to date back to around 1800 BCE.

I first came across this particular charm in E.M. Butler’s magnificent Ritual Magic which translated the charm into English from Kiesewetter’s  Der Occultismus des Alterums. I have had modest success with it alone as a chant and others report it is easily blended into larger rituals of your own design.

The Seven are Born in the mountains of the West,
The Seven go down in the mountains of the East,
Their Throne is in the depths of the earth …
They are the instruments of the wrath of the gods,
Disturbing the high road, they encamp by the way,
The foes, the foes:
Seven are they! Seven are they! Seven are they! …
They are the day of mourning and of noxious winds!
They are the day of fate, and the devastating wind which
precedes it!
They are the children of vengeance, the sons of revenge,
They are the forerunners of the plague …
They are instruments of the wrath of Nin-kigal,
They are the flaming pillar of fire which works evil on earth.

There are some phrases missing from the original tablets. Butler goes into great depth describing the meanings of the references above and she’s well worth a read just for her commentary on these almost pre-historic incantations.

Oct 1 2010

A Quick Banishment of Evil or Disease Using Vinegar

I have received several requests for exorcisms, banishments and general protection spells from spirits of various types. For minor inconveniences, which all who practice will run into from time to time, no elaborate ritual may be needed but simple fumigations are enough to dispel the type astral entities that are attracted to magical practice and tend to linger in places where magic has been performed.

As related in Kathryn Paulsen’s The Complete Book of Magic and Witchcraft one such fumigation allegedly practiced by the Chinese was to burn vinegar in red hot cast iron pots. This was thought to banish both evil spirits and diseases, and also increase wealth.

One need not be a chef to imagine what happens when a liquid is poured into red hot cast iron, and I assume the violent reaction would quickly fill a home with the vapor, which is the point. Vinegar left out in a dish is said to interfere with the materialization of psychic energy and is sometimes recommended in cases of poltergeist haunting. The complete fumigation of an area with vinegar vapors, while certainly not pleasant for people within, would assuredly overwhelm any non-physical entities and drive them from the premises or at least weaken them to such a degree that they would be essentially harmless.

I believe this measure would be a temporary solution the problem. But if you are experiencing problems with spirits it should “hold the line” while you seek out a more permanent solution.

As to why vinegar has this effect on spirits … I don’t know, but even Islamic exorcism utilize vinegar so this isn’t a belief that comes only from one group. Vinegar is mentioned in chapbooks like The Long Lost Friend and Egyptian Secrets so we can assume many people have found the substance to be effective for a variety of occult purposes.

Sep 17 2010

Burning Herring Heads Produces Visions

And a fishy odor that is heard to get rid of no doubt, but a reader emailed me about this little tidbit which I originally read in Kathryn Paulsen’s underrated beginner’s spellbook The Complete Book of Magic and Witchcraft which I thought was interesting enough to share.

Herring is fumigated to produce magical visions. “If one put the head of a fresh herring upon the coals to fumigate and he will get upon the house in the night, he will think all the stars run into one”

Paulsen cites Cyranus’ The Magick of Kirani, King of Persia (1685) as the source. As far as I know their are several copies of this work in academic libraries but few commercial versions. New York University has a copy.

Kitani is a fictitious King of Persia so this book is similar to the chap books popular at the time that attribute authorship to legendary magicians, like the Albertus Magnus.

To me the passage is unclear in it’s purpose. Are the visions a kind of divination or mystical experience? Likely, but it could also be a curse similar to the charms used to make people “think they were bears” etc, although since this involved burning fish in someones house I don’t see how this could work unless it was assumed that the victim would be unfamiliar with the rite and very trusting. I’ve been told that it is a way to “experience the cosmos” so to speak.

The herring, aside from being a tasty treat, has many curious superstitions around it. Some people believe eating a herring on the first day of the year will bring them luck, and according to The Encyclopedia of Superstitions the people’s of the Outer Hebrides believed that eating a salted herring, bones and all, in three bites would cause dreams foretelling the future.

Being married I cannot try this out myself, but I have a second hand Probatim on this. Anyone else who tries it please let me know how it turns out.

Sep 7 2010

A Charm To Remove a Curse by Donna Rose

This ritual is effective on many different types of curses but is supposedly specifically designed for women who fell the “other woman” has cursed their relationship. With minor alterations it should be workable in many different situations.

Again this comes from The Magic of Spells and Curses by Donna Rose which is a fantastic mini-grimoire that should be in your library, but it is rather hard to find and thus overpriced which is why I’m publishing her better spells here:

Make a mixture of the following into an incense and burn it in your home and especially in the bedroom, each midnight – for at least five nights.

a. Sandalwood

b. Juniper berry

c. Hawthorne Berry

d. Cedar Wood

e. Pine Wood

Use a White incense base and add the above ingredients, well mixed. Burn as directed.

Each night, cast the ashes out the front door, and scatter them into the winds.

As the incense burns, as that the Supreme Being reverse the spell and cast it back to those who have cursed you. Use a pine branch as the incense burns to sweep out the house. Run the branch down your arms at the conclusion of the spell-work each night, and, on the final night, burn the branch.

Needless to say please be careful when doing all this burning. The “white incense base” is for the hard core incense makers out there in this case I’ve known people who burn the herbs and dried berries on coals which I assume is messy but not everyone is going to learn to blend their own incense. A good protection incense made by someone you trust knows what they’re doing probably works just as well.