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“Crossing” an Alcoholic Who’s Making Your Life Miserable

My friend Patty Bogus sent in this Hoodoo style hex designed to take care of a drunk who is disrupting your peace and happiness. It uses a poppet and requires some emotional investment by you, but it works. I can already feel some of you gearing up to wag a finger so I’ll tell you now, don’t bother. No Witch worth her salt let’s people walk all over her.

The spell, as I said before, requires some emotional investment from you so as you prepare really think about all the things this no-good drunk has done to you. Get angry! This will be the “fuel” of this work.

The process of designing the spell is also interesting so I’m actually going to print a couple of verbatim paragraphs here. Beginners should note how Patty works in many correspondences to help empower the spell. Pay particular attention to the days of the week (and the powers associated with them) as well as the thought that went into designing the doll.

Also note that when she wasn’t getting the results she wanted she wasn’t afraid to adapt and “tweak” the spell. Magic is both an art and a science, and a spell is like a poem. You may sometimes get better results when you go back and change a few things so don’t be afraid to:

I made a doll baby of her out of black polymer clay. I bend her legs backwards so I could “trip her up”, and intertwined her hands together behind her back so she could no longer “grab hold”. After she baked and I baptized her, I began the ritual. I took a jar with a fitted lid and filled it half way with vodka (her drink of choice), while cursing at her and yelling that she will drown in her drink. I filled the jar the rest of the way with vinegar and while cursing and yelling at her, I told her she would drown in her own venom, her demise would be of her own doing. I added red pepper, black pepper and valerian root for the obvious cursing, negative powers. Then I put the doll baby into the jar head first while yelling at her that if she didn’t stop her manipulative ways, she would cause her own demise, drowning in her drink, venom and filth. I lit a black candle on top of the jar and continued to curse her. I light a black candle every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday on top of the jar while cursing her. At different times, if I’m walking past the jar and think about it, I shake the jar hard and curse her again.

Originally, I wasn’t having many results. I ended up adding a picture of her with my petition on the back. (Took the picture, turned it over. Wrote her name 9 times on the back while picturing her. Turned the picture 1/4 counterclockwise and wrote my petition over her name 9 times. Then I wrote the petition in an unbroken circle around the name/petition. Very important – do not lift your pen until it is completed. Go back to dot i’s and cross t’s.) I flipped the picture back up facing me, then added more black pepper, red pepper and valerian root to the front. I folded it away from me, turned 1/4 way counterclockwise, folded again, turned again, folded again, for a total of three folds. I put this under the jar every time I light the black candle.

A picture is a really nice “link” to someone and photos of people factor into many curses and bindings. This spell actually is both a curse and a binding which is why it’s so impressive. Note that once the doll is made the Witch treats it as if it is that person, talking to the poppet the way you would if the victim was standing there. Also the energy is maintained not just by regular “feedings” of the spell where the curse is renewed, but by abusing the doll periodically too. This is reminiscent of the Hoodoo “Honey Jar” spell where a desired one’s name is written on a popsicle stick and put in a jar of honey sweetened liquid. Whenever the jar is shaken the desired target thinks sweet thoughts of the caster.

I’m sure the thoughts of the lush are anything but sweet when the jar is shaken!

Obviously this spell has limited uses, but you should study it anyway to see how a spell is constructed, performed and maintained. This isn’t some Barnes and Noble spell written by a model hired to pretend she’s an author, this is the product of knowledge and experience. It is quite elegant (as are most Hoodoo charms) despite how crude it may seem to the outsider.

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