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Exorcising The Tree of Evil

Willaim G. Gray’s contribution to the Arts is often overlooked but can be felt by anyone who has practiced any sort of Western occult tradition, which some followers of Gray sometimes refer to as “Westorcism” as an ode to Gray’s overall theory of a Western Mystery Tradition which I think is best articulated in his An Outlook on Our Inner Western Way.

Gray is a controversial figure, largely because he was an actual Magician and not an occult celebrity like the many “experts” today. He advocates what people used to call “High Magic” which was more concerned with the inner development of the Magician, the Mystical experience of Divinity though the practice of Ceremonial or Ritual magic. His works are foundational in nature, helping the practitioner develop through a deeper understanding of the whys of magic rather than the hows.

In Exorcising the Tree of Evil Gray’s expertise in Qabalistic symbolism is put to good use as he presents readers with a theory on big “E” Evil, where it comes from, how to (metaphysically) combat it in ourselves and the world and how to achieve the balance between good and evil that Magicians seek. Some familiarity with the Occultist’s conception of the Qabalah will be helpful but is not strictly necessary for the reader to gain some insight by what is essentially a book on the mysticism and philosophy of High magic. Gray’s books on the Qabalah are excellent if you are interested in that path, but for those of us who are interested in the basics just as a reference Gareth Knight’s A Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism and Dion Fortune’s Mystical Qabalah will suffice.

Of course I recommend that you buy Gray’s book, but many a fellow traveler finds themselves short of funds as the path we walk is hardly lined with gold except in the most abstract sense. So here’s a preview of the book that was uploaded on Google books. It’s a 209 page preview so you should be able to get a good handle on what he’s saying:

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