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Fragments from Outer Gateways

To say Kenneth Grant is a controversial figure in occultism is to push the boundaries of understatement to absurd new levels. There are many who call the man an outright fraud, many more who claim he was certifiably insane and still others who to this day will tell you that Grant’s work is irresponsible and dangerous. For all that Grant has many admirers and followers who covet his hard to find works which are routinely sold for hundreds of dollars on websites like Amazon. I was lucky enough to attend grad school in a town with a magnificent public library which was able to procure a copy of his Outer Gateways for me read.

I’ve posted fragments of this book before but as with all things Scribd the material was eventually removed. There is now another download available and the Grant material is far to rare for me to pass up posting it for readers when I can. In my original posting I neglected an important detail. I believe this is the first serious occult book that made the claim that horror writer H.P. Lovecraft was unconsciously channeling information from “The Primal Grimoire” which exists in the astral. In other words The Necronomicon is in fact in existence and accessible via ritual or altered states of consciousness. Donald Tyson has made use of this theory recently in his Necronomicon series which I honestly haven’t read though I did purchase his Necronomicon Tarot because I’m a collector of odd things.

The “Primal Grimoire” stuff is in the first chapter and is an interesting meditation on reality if nothing else. The rest of the book, if I may quote an anonymous Internet reviewer, reads like a mathematics textbook though I’d add one without any numbers or formula you could easily use. As is usual with Scribd this is only roughly half of the book but it’s free so who can complain?


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