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Kenneth Anger’s Invocation of My Demon Brother

I have to admit that I find Kenneth Anger hacky. In my more pretentious youth I, like many others, claimed Anger was a genius deeply knowledgeable about the Dark Arts. Then I actually watched his films. The best description I can give for Anger’s work is that it illustrates the dull banality of evil.

However Anger’s contribution to “the New Age” is both underestimated and undeniable. Whether you’re a practitioner, a Christian critic of the occult or a historian you should be familiar with Anger and his influence on pop occultism.

I am uneasy about posting this because the easily influenced and weak minded should not be exposed to this sort of material but since it’s up on YouTube the cat is out of the bag on this one. This short film has scenes from his longer Lucifer Rising cut in (gods forbid he should have to make an entire 11 minute film from scratch) feature music by Mick Jager as well as appearances by Anton LaVey and Anger himself. The presence of Lavey, then the Black Pope of America, in the film is notable because many claim this film and others in the “Magic Lantern Cycle” are based on Crowley’s Thelema. In fact his work tend to be flower child fueled gothic Satanism – the precursor to cults like Rod Ferral’s Vampire clan (which he was raised in by his mother by the way) and one of the actors in this is Manson cultist Bobby Beausoleil who went on to torture and murder a man during the murder spree of the Family.

Crowley lovers however still defend Anger vehemently claiming his films were symbols for the Age of Horus though I suspect the films were rituals designed by Anger to spread a darker message. Not being a Thelemite I am in no position however to make this point convincingly to those people. Decide for yourself:

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