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Reincarnation and Psychonoetic Body in Western Esotericism

This is the speech Dr. Lee Irwin gave at the Hidden Within Plain Sight Conference held at Rosicrucian Park recently. It is in ten parts and will take nearly two hours to watch completely (and more if you really try to understand it) but it is well worth watching if you’re a believer in Reincarnation in particular or if you’re interested in the part of your soul that “powers’ magic in particular.

I myself am a member of the A.M.O.R.C. albeit fairly uncommitted. I do not endorse all their teachings but they are a group the competent occultist should be familiar with. Their ideas can help crystallize the sometimes abstract ideas of magical workings and how this “energy” interacts with you and the world, and the consequences of that interaction. Almost as importantly he gives you the historic context for many visions of reincarnation, which will help you understand how we have developed wildly different beliefs throughout the so-called New Age concerning past lives and the evolution of the soul.

Part I:

The other nine parts can be found at the Rosicrucian YouTube channel. I urge you to take a look when you have time.

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