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Scott Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic

Scott Cunningham was the last of the old school Wiccans to churn out usable material for Llwellyan Books. Easy to understand, practical and most of all well documented spells and charms were the hallmark of this late author and his passing a few years ago left a great void in Wicca as a whole.

His Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic is a good introduction to his work and a must have reference for every practitioner’s book shelf. The basic knowledge of the properties of various gems and stones is something you will use again and again when creating your own rituals, or trying to understand the rites of others.

This preview from Scribd should wet your appetite for the whole thing. This is one book I recommend you own outright and not just rent from a library. There is a Kindle version as well for you e-readers so no excuses:

Encyclopedia of Crystal Gem and Metal Magic

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