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The Black Pullet

Otherwise known as The Treasure of the Old Man of the Pyramids, The Black Screech Owl, or Red Magic this little chap book that most know as The Black Pullet was once a staple of occult shops. The suspect origins of the book put many off, but the system of magic contained therein has an elegance which will appeal to the more traditional occultist and the techniques themselves make fun projects for the crafty (no pun intended) practitioner.

The process described in the book is simple, yet the execution is complex and requires time, dedication, skill and most importantly resources. Figures which are provided need to be embroidered on silk squares which are then used in conjunction with special rings (also specific to the rite and ideally created by the magician) for various purposes. The power of each talisman and ring is activated at will by hand gestures and the recitation of certain magical phrases.

I’ve owned the Pullet since my early years of practice but soon found simpler rites to achieve more reasonable results so I can’t vouch for their efficiency. Many of the results promised by this book of supposedly ancient secrets are criminal at best, concerned with magically burglarizing homes, creating earthquakes and spying on your neighbors. In that respect it is the pettiest of sorceries, but the techniques themselves I consider a kind of Ceremonial Magic.

It also comes in so many different version that many think the various titles are different books entirely. I have a 1984 Marlar Publishing edition called The Book of Magical Talismans which lists the author as Elbee Wright who wrote the Book of Legendary Spells. This version adds material that was culled from other occult chapbooks of that era.

The Trident Books version is available on Scribd:

Trident Books – The Treasure of the Old Man of the Pyramids has a .pdf available for download and there is a Kindle edition. Sacred-Texts has a complete history of the book.

I once saw one of the rings from the Pullet in a jewelry store call C’est Magnifique in NYC. For all of you New Yorkers not interested in learning to make your own rings they might be a good place to start looking for the rings involved.

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