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The Master Grimoire of Magical Rites and Ceremonies

At fist glance this little gem tends to remind people of those awful books on Wicca by the Frosts which were mainly collections of made up anecdotes and moralizing (ironically) but once you get past the pretentious essay on Black magic, the good and bad kinds of Satanism (LaVey good, Devil Worship bad) and the author’s nihilistic declarations that all people are fundamentally and unalterably evil you’ll find the rest of the book to be an incredibly useful grimoire. There’s some blarney in it to be sure, but the spells themselves are passed around to this day despite the, shall we say liberties, the author takes in describing how he came into possession of these spells.

Make no mistake, this is what mainstream Neo-Paganism calls “Black Magic”; spells and rituals intended to help you get rich, get laid and get over. And despite the author’s insistence that this is a book of Ceremonial Magic this is Witchcraft and Sorcery which at places aspires to be Ceremonial but is still down and dirty rituals that takes little more than an alter and a little privacy to perform. If you still believe in “The Three-Fold Law” or think the attainment of material wealth and power is a “misuse’ of magic you’ll want to skip this one.

The Master Grimoire of Magical Rites and Ceremonies is a couple of decades old and was released by Finbarr books which may or may not still be operating, but if they are, they have steadfastly refused to open their business online. There are rumors that the author, Nathan Elkana, is the pen name of Finbarr resident occultist Basil Crouch (aka Basil La Croix) who has written some other interesting books such as The Dark Side of the Moon and The Secrets of a Lifetime. But this rumor may have been started by a review of The Master Grimoire that circulates online which posits this tidbit without much proof.

You can get a used copy of The Master Grimoire on Amazon … for $350. Or you can read through this Scribd version and copy the spells you need into your grimoire before Natha/Basil/Finbarr catches on:

Elkana, Nathan – The Master Grimoire of Magickal Rites & Ceremonies

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