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The Star Ruby Ritual

Aleister Crowley’s Star Ruby Ritual is one Thelemic Rite many non-Thelemites are curious about, sensing perhaps that it is something they can work into their repertoire of magical practice. For we non-Thelemites there are actually two slightly different versions, the first appearing in The Book of Lies and a later modification appearing in Magic in Theory and Practice. Simply put, the Star Ruby is a replacement for the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram that many occultists will be familiar with. Both are banishments meant to sanctify an area for the magician, though many use them by themselves for cleansing areas.

Many Pagans mistakenly believe the Star Ruby is a “Pagan” alternative to the Lesser Banishing because Crowley removed the Hebrew phrases and Judeo-Christian trappings of much of the ritual, but this is wrong. I am not an expert on Thelema (though I have known some Thelemites over the years) but I find that Crowley’s Star Ruby doesn’t “fit” into any ceremonies that are explicitly Pagan. Ceremonial Magicians may have an easier time blending the Star Ruby into their rituals, but since they wouldn’t be bothered by the Judeo-Christian trappings of the Lesser Banishing there wouldn’t be much point. I think that the Star Ruby is best used by people following in Crowley’s magical footsteps, which usually leads to Thelema, although I have known a couple of Magicians who utilized Crowley but never fully embraced his philosophy.

For non-Thelemites I don’t think the Star Ruby is a good replacement for the Lesser Banishing.

But your experience may be different from mine so I present to you the Star Ruby. In magic there is indeed a right way and a wrong way to do things. There are, however, always slight differences in ritual performance from person to person so I am going to embed a couple of different videos so you can get a feel for the what’s important and what is more a matter of style. The Magickal Review has a  transcription complete with mp3s so you can hear the correct pronunciations. Here’s a republication of an analysis of the rite that should give you more insight into its construction and whether or not it fits into your practice.

This first video is from Wade Laszlo (of The Unholy) and is the shortest for you Witches on the go:

A bit longer with some more, shall we say, gravitas:

Same basics but a slightly more musical take:

Does the Star Ruby work? Like I said, I’m no expert but it seems to me to be more of a religious exercise; a rite to perform prior to works designed to elevate your inner world rather than affect your outer environment. I have met people who say it’s quite effective, however, so I provide this start for your own research.

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