Yes, Witches and Warlocks are Still Burned These Days

Just not in the good ‘ole U.S. of A. Hopefully I’ve offended some of you out there by using the term Warlock – which I frankly think suffered a bad rap from politically correct Wiccans – and now I’ll offend some of you more with a little patriotism.

Many a time some posuer calling themselves SilverCrone Dragongoddess will shoot off a message to me about the “Christian Taliban” or “Rethuglicans” burning Witches and demanding that I stop bitterly clinging to my guns, want my taxes higher and my national defense weaker because I’m betraying “the cause” by cleaning my shotgun and moving to an area where the taxes are low. I remind them that my “cause” is faith in multiple gods and exploring the mysteries of the universe through various “occult” means and they sputter indignantly about “community” or something. Then they write blog posts claiming I’m a “Christianity” or whatever.

I often remind them that for all their complaints about oppression America is pretty much the only country where you can openly practice Witchcraft of any kind without fear of legal or cultural reprisal. I guess Canada is similar, but it’s not really a country.

Here’s an example. In the UAE arrests for witchcraft and sorcery have increased. Luckily in the UAE witches are given a year in jail, not executed  as they are in Saudi Arabia.

I know that this is not a popular sentiment but thank the gods we live in America. It’s time we recognized that fact and used the opportunity we have been given to truly explore the cosmos rather than sit around online pretending to be oppressed.

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